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Aaron Joseph Genovese Firicano

Aaron Firicano as Cracker Boy

Aaron Firicano is an artist from Boston, Massachusetts. His parents instilled an artistic fervor in Aaron and his younger brothers by involving them in community theatre and musical training at a very young age.  By the age of ten, he played his first role, “THE SEER”, in a spoof on “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs” called “The Fairest Pitcher of Them All.”

He  studied piano, violin, and recorder; and attended the Boston Archdiocesan Choir School, where he was trained in piano and voice.  At the age of twelve,  Aaron and seven classmates performed in Tchaikovsky‘s “The Queen of Spades” on stage at Tanglewood with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Throughout high-school, Aaron performed in community theatre, and played guitar in the Boston based punk band, “The McVeighs”.

After high-school and the breakup of his band,  nineteen year old Aaron left Boston for Hollywood with two friends. He arrived with a rudimentary knowledge of carpentry, and a dream of making it in the film industry.  He attended the Alese Marshall School of Acting and Modeling in Torrance, CA.

CrackerBoyHe acted in student and independent films.  While in L.A.,  Aaron joined the Los Angeles Steamfitter’s Union where he learned metalwork and welding, and bought his first 35mm camera.  A lack of industry knowledge  led to little success. At  twenty-three, Aaron moved back to Boston and took a break from acting, concentrating on photography and music.

A chance run in with an old friend, and an introduction to a theatre director led to Aaron’s role as GARY in the east coast premier of Micky Birnbaum‘s “Big Death & Little Death” at the Perishable Theatre in Providence RI.

After an extended run of the play, Aaron moved to New York City.  Eventually he was fortunate enough to support himself as an actor, director, and part time theater manager.  Aaron became a member of the Michael Chekhov Theatre Company.  He studied under Michael Horn and Ann Bowen; and received great reviews for his role as STUBBS in Sam Shepard‘s “States of Shock.”

Wishing to settle down, Aaron moved back to Boston in his late twenties.  In 2008, he auditioned for director John Depew and was cast as Milford Gibbons in the film “27 Down”.  He was then cast as “NOAH” in John Depew‘s 2010 film “CO2”.  In 2013, he was cast  as Cracker Boy in the film “Lazarus Rising” written by Rufus Chaffee and directed by John Depew.

Aaron lives just outside Boston and pursues edgy theatre and film roles.  He works as a pipe fitter / welder,  metalworker, actor and photographer.

Aaron Firicano as Cracker Boy:
Cracker Boy is a dope addict with a biting wit!

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