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Alaina Gianci

 Alaina Gianci as Mazy

Alaina Gianci is a Massachusetts native currently working on making her break in NYC.  Be prepared for your heart to ache with her emotional performance as our tragic prostitute/drug addict.

MazyAlaina Gianci has been diligently pursuing an acting career for the past 6 years in Los Angeles and just made a move back to her East Coast roots.  She most recently starred in a short film titled “The Inn”, which was voted into the Best of Boston evening for the Boston 48 Film Festival.

Alaina has had most of her success in independent films and theater.  She will be continuing her acting career in New York.  She was just recently cast in a web series called “Love Potion Number 10” which will begin shooting in NYC soon.  She is very proud of the challenging role she played in “Lazarus Rising”.

Alaina has appeared in many films, and on television. She had a lead role in “Ego”, “Bunnyman”, “The Inn”, and “In Gods Time” and supporting roles in “Spread Some Love the Movie”, “Finding Balance”,  and “For Billy”.

Alaina Gianci as Mazy:
Mazy is a crack head and a prostitute.

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