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Dierdre LorenzDeirdre Lorenz as Tammi

Deirdre received the coveted Best Actress nomination for her lead role performance in the new feature film Santorini Blue, which is a multiple award winning, dramatic feature film.

The film is now out on DVD and sold out across the country on Amazon and all other sites.  A TV deal is in the works for the independent film.Deidre

Deirdre performed and studied at the Peoples Improv Theater.  She wrote and directed her first TV pilot last year which is currently being pitched, and has a new one in development.

Deirdre acted in numerous pilots and films last year, including “Captured Hearts”, “Scavenger Killers” among others. Deirdre also acted in the show “30 Rock” and wrapped as the LEAD female in a dramatic new off-off-Broadway play to a SOLD OUT run.

Deirdre Lorenz as Tammi

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