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Devon Ogden

Devon Ogden as Emma

Devon Ogden plays our leading lady in the role of Emma. Devon comes to us from Los Angeles. She has had roles in “Criminal Minds” (CBS) and “Hart of Dixie” (The CW) as well as having been a series regular in numerous new media projects.  We look forward to seeing her bring the mufti-layered Emma to life.

Devon Ogden as EmmaDevon graduated from the University of Southern California School of Theatre in 2008. Since then, she has appeared in many films and TV series including the role of Julie in the 2012 Comedy “Man Camp” starring Dean Cain and Mariel Hemingway, “A Many Splintered Thing” with Luke Wilson,  and the TV series “We are Angels”.

When not acting, she is involved as a human rights activist in the fight against genocide. She has traveled around the world including such far away places as Japan, Burma, and Rwanda.

Devon Ogden as Emma 

Emma is an attractive, liberal, former political lobbyist who is now on the run for her life. She is strong willed, not afraid to speak her mind, and independent.

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