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Emma Goodman

Emma Goodman as Margaret

We are happy to have Emma Goodman appear in the role of Margaret. With a first degree black belt in Oom Yung Doe, Emma will provide such depth to one of our sexiest and most dangerous hit women.

MargaretEmma is an actress, model, and voice over talent  an impressive list of talents and credits. She is small and flexible and highly athletic. She does yoga, runs, bowls, plays softball and tennis as well as scuba diving, rock-climbing, martial arts Рkarate, tae kwon do, judo, samurai sword, broad sword, double ended spear, tsi, and aikido.

Emma has appeared in over 15 stage plays and over 20 films including “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”, “Brotherhood”, “Tell Tale”, “The Pink Panther 2”, and “What Doesn’t Kill You”.

Emma is also talented musically and plays violin, flute, piano and clarinet.
At home she likes to bake, cook, knit, and do needlepoint.


Emma Goodman as Margaret
Margaret teams with Colleen and they are high on the food chain. They treat the rest of the crew as not being worthy. They are deadly!

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