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Lenny Clarke as Father Parsons

We are excited to have Boston’s own Lenny Clarke as Father Parsons. He can’t wait for him to bring his amazing wit to Lazarus Rising as our disgraced drunken priest.  Lenny has worked on the TV series “Rescue Me”, “The John Larroquette Show”, “Are You There, Chelsea?”,  and many more!

Lenny Clarke was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts and was one of eight children. He decided to pursue stand-up comedy one night when he was working as a janitor putting himself through college at University of Massachusetts in Boston. That night, he went to the Ding-Ho Restaurant in Cambridge and saw some comics performing. Convinced he could do the same thing, he returned the next week and, “The rest, as they say, is history!”.

FatherParsonsLenny Clarke spent several years as the host of the open-mike nights at Ding-Ho and has traveled the world as a stand-up comic. His comedic abilities captured the attention of Rodney Dangerfield, who gave him his first big break, casting him in “Nothin’ Goes Right”. He and Dangerfield also worked together years later on “Meet Wally Sparks”.

After years of hard work, Clarke was “discovered” at the Montreal Comedy Festival. He had his own series, the eponymous “Lenny”, which ran for 18 episodes.

Lenny Clarke as Father Parsons:
Father Parsons is a disgraced alcoholic priest!

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