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Sal Rendino as Dallen

On stage, Sal earned an Artistic Director Achievement Award in Los Angeles as ‘Best Lead Actor in a Drama’ for his portrayal of real-life yuppie Abbie Hoffman in the world premiere of Nick Zagone’s “David and Goliath in America”.

DallenHis TV credits include “Royal Pains” (currently recurring),“Frasier”, “ER” (recurring).  Recent film lead credits: “Lazarus Rising”, opposite Eric Roberts and Adoni Maropis (“Troy”,“Hidalgo”, “24”); “The Perfect Wedding”, opposite James Rebhorn (“Scent of a Woman”, “The Talented Mr. Ripley”);“Code Blue”, opposite Vincent Pastore (“The Sopranos”) and J.D. Williams (“The Wire”); “A Dangerous Place”, opposite Kristen Dalton (“The Departed”); and “Across Dot Ave.”, as a violent skinhead.

Sal Rendino as Dallen
Dallen is a burned out middle man for the mob. He runs a construction business as a front and never been in a gun fight. He is more or less a paper pusher.

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