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Actor William DeCoff

William DeCoff as Geoff

We are very pleased to announce William DeCoff in the role of Geoff. William is a Massachusetts local who will definitely bring a different flavor to our no brains hit man.

GeoffWilliam was born and raised in Danvers, Massachusetts. He was a professional wrestler from 1982-1987 with over 600 matches to his credit. He served as bodyguard of the Massachusetts state Attorney General James Shannon and was a Police Officer for over 10 years. He won several Tough Man contests.

Just 18 months after suffering a heart attack, he fought his way to 10th in the World’s toughest Police and Firefighter contest. He is also a Massage Therapist and personal trainer. His acting idols are Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, and he is a huge fan of Ian McShane of Deadwood.

William DeCoff as Geoff:
Geoff is a loose cannon who acts violently without thinking.

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